Sinus Pressure – A Quick Cure – Step One

Among the various sinus ailments afflicting modern society, sinus pressure could rank as one of the most common since it is connected with other related sinus afflictions. Yet, as this article will endeavor to show, it is avoidable in many cases, at least to a substantial extent. But before I try to do that I should mention my credentials: I am a former sinus pressure sufferer who for many years fought sinus pressure along with other sinus problems such as: sinus infections, congestion, headache, excessive drainage. Yet I was able to find an effective cure with my Maker’s help. For over two years now I have stayed cured and intend to remain that way. This is how I did it:

The eclectic approach–healing systems combination

Many are willing to recognize that medicine alone does not hold the silver bullet to preventing and curing suffering from health issues. Some have chosen to believe that a combination of healing systems used in a harmonious way holds more potential for healing some maladies than trusting just one system to come up with the total solution. Thus my “adventure” a few years ago using this eclectic approach on a non-scientific basis to try to cure my sinus problems. The results were very rewarding.

Nutrition as first step

Frankly, what we eat has more to do with our sinuses than most of us realize. For a number of years I had read, for example. the deleterious effect of significant amounts of certain foods. For this reason one of the first things I did to alleviate my sinus problems was to reduce substantially the amount of them. I was amazed at the results just a few days later. I still had some sinus problems, but they had diminished considerably just by this nutritional change. Of course, when we talk about some o these foods we need to realize the pervasive quality of this food commodity.

From cold breakfast cereal to baked beans some ingredients in them would not be so detrimental if it were not for the large amount some foods contain. Of course, we cannot stop eating regular food because they contain some of these ingredients, but we can device some simple strategies so that the accumulated effect is not detrimental. For example, if I eat baked beans–which as indicated contain a substantial amount of  an undesirable ingredient like high fructose corn syrup–and drink something which has this ingredient–and then top off the meal with ice cream or German chocolate cake for dessert containing high fructose corn syrup also, then the accumulated effect can be pretty powerful and the sinuses will let us know it without hesitation.

Scientific data

Modern research results have left little room for doubt about the effect of significant amounts of some foods not only on the sinuses, but on a person’s general health also. Space limitations do not allow for citing authoritative statements in this respect, from public health officials to physicians. They all conclude that sugar used indiscriminately is responsible for many health problems and that most people are not either listening or aware of this fact.


From my perspective the best way to treat certain ailments is to use a combination of healing systems. Today I am free from sinus problems and enjoy life much more. One of the first steps I took, to lower substantially sugar, worked wonders on my sinuses. There is no doubt in the minds of nutritionists and medical scientists that some foods when used in significant amounts has an undesirable effect on human health. When it comes to the cure of sinus issues or to the prevention of them these foods are a powerful negative element to consider.