Sinus Pressure – A Quick Cure – Step Three

Could an ancient, very simple, noninvasive healing system hold the key to one of your main sinus cure elements? Almost any sinus expert would agree that keeping the sinuses clear is basic to preventing sinus problems. Many millions of dollars in sinus remedies could be saved every year by consumers if this simple and basic fact were understood and practiced. A sinus congestion that does not go away is probably the number one step toward a sinus infection, followed by pressure, or post nasal drip, and possibly a sinus headache. Why go through all that pain when the answer may lie, literally, at your finger tips and at no cost to you? You can keep your sinuses flowing nicely, in most cases, by following a simple procedure:

An old healing system used by millions

There is this ancient healing system from the orient called acupressure–not to be confused with “acupuncture” which is considerably more invasive. It works, basically, on the premise that applying finger pressure on certain specific, very precise, sites of the body stimulates the flow of healing energy to specific organs or other parts of the body. For example, you can boost your immune system and thereby help to prevent a sinus infection. You just apply finger pressure on a specific point on the forearm. But it must be done right after the first sign of the problem. Or even better, if you do this on a regular basis–it just takes a few minutes–you may be helping not only your sinuses, but your body in general to stay healthy. But let’s concentrate now on sinus pressure.

How you can start your sinus flowing in minutes

Relax your mind and body. It is best not to do acupressure right after eating a meal. If your mind is relaxed and could visualize your sinuses exquisitely flowing, then you would obtain optimum results. I do this every morning right after awakening and it has prevented many a sinus infection and pressure. Press the tips of the index fingers on the side of your nostrils for 3 minutes–both sides at the same time. If you do it rightly you will feel your sinuses beginning to drain within minutes of starting this procedure


We do not have to rely on over-the-counter or prescribed medications all the time with their unfailing side effects. If we learn and try alternative healing and preventive procedures like the one just described we will be saving money and those side effects. Our Maker has put in the body the right healing mechanisms so that we can naturally heal our own ailments if we learn how to do it.