Sinus Pressure, Drainage and Bad Breath – What to Do About It

There is something that can very negatively affect your success in life, but very few people will ever mention it to you. You guessed it: It's halitosis – bad breath. The "fresh breath industry" sells many millions of dollars in products that supposedly take care of this problem. While most of the formulas being manufactured and purveyed can leave their users with a fresh breath for a few minutes, the truth is that a person needs more than just that short a time to care for his mouth odor. To do that a person needs to go to the source of the problem and deal with it at that level. Does this make sense?

Bad breath is caused mainly by: what we eat and drink, by a dry mouth – not enough saliva is produced to wash down odor producing bacteria, – poor hygiene and by sinus drainage. This latter cause is, many believe, the main cause of a majority of the halitosis problems. The first thing we bought to understand is that sinus drain is normal – if it produces between one and two pints of mucus a day. This physiological function is very important to maintain our respiratory system working properly. The problem is with excess production, especially one caused by infection of the sinus cavities. An infection of this kind leads to the proliferation of obnoxious, odor producing bacteria. On the other hand, sometimes there is no infection involved and yet some of the bacteria accompanies the mucus is of the kind that produces halitosis. There are two main things you can do to alleviate the excess production of mucus and to avoid infection:

  1. Cut down on mucus producing foods. Frankly, significant amounts of some foods are bad for you from several health perspectives, along halitosis. Some of these foods are notoriously known for giving bad breath. They food items tend to cause excess sinus drain in many people and if you are one of them you may want to reconsider using using freely these things
  2. Keep your sinuses clear at all times. This will avoid mucus stagnation and potential sinus infections
  3. Drink lots of pure, plain, room temperature water. If you tolerate warm water it is excellent to wash excess stomach acids, etc, and help your health in general – with positive effects on your breath
  4. Allergies to the environment are a very common cause of excessive sinus drain which often results in bad breath. If this is your case you do well to consider checking with your physician for a long-term solution
  5. To keep your sinuses clear you can do the following acupressure point: With the tip of your index fingers, pointing backwards, press firmly on the spots right next to your nostrils, for 3 minutes. You will feel your sinuses draining in minutes
  6. Chewing on fresh parsley sprigs often freshens the breath naturally and effectively.

Were you to try the above items faithfully you would very probably experience a fresher breath, naturally.