Sinus Pressure – When Allergy to House Dust is the Culprit

Could the cause of your sinus pressure discomfort lie deep in your carpet nap or rugs?  House dust–and there are several types thereof–is responsible for the sinus irritation which produces extra mucus which can accumulate and create sinus pressure. I had received allergy injections for a number of years for pollens and, to a lesser extend, house dust and I was doing rather well. But then two winters in a row I had serious sinus problems and I was baffled. This happened before I spent considerable time studying my sinus health situation from an “alternative”–using remedies other than regular drug medications–stand point.

I went to a different allergy specialist and a new set of allergy skin tests were made including several kinds of house dust. The results were revealing. I had been desensitized for some pollens, but I was very allergic to a type of house dust that contains an abundance of dust mite droppings, which, by the way, are microscopic. As you can see, the problem is not with the mites themselves, but the “legacy” they leave behind, especially when they have a fertile environment to reproduce in. What could that environment be?

Dust mites thrive in an ambient that has three things: warmth, moisture, dead skin particles–which rubs off the human body and the mites use as food. Some authorities in this field even suggest that most common house dust is made up, primarily, of the latter element. In my particular case, which could be the average one, we used a regular cool steam humidifier in the bedroom–to keep the sinuses moist at night so they would not swell from dryness, when the heat was on in the winter. The problem was that the moisture being produced was concentrating somewhat on the carpet in the area in front of the humidifier; thus becoming, unwittingly, a breeding ground for the little rascals. As they increased in numbers they spread all over the bedroom carpet and then migrated to the mattress. There the body warmth and moisture and ample dead skin bits provided an ideal breeding place for this microscopic nuisance.

The solution: Since dust mites are very difficult to kill, the solution had several components:

  • I began to receive allergy injections taylor-made for house dust heavy with mites’ droppings
  • We bought special zippered bed sheets that did not allow the mites to migrate from the mattress to the surface of the sheet
  • We continued to used the humidifier, but I raised it so the steam would dissipate more
  • We vacuumed the carpets more often, but used a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters to contain more of the dust within the machine

It worked. You may want to find out more as to whether you may be allergic to house dust mites’ droppings; especially if your sinus pressure is a chronic one.