Six Pack Abs Exercises – Here's Why You Should Ditch The Repetitions

Do you ever do hundreds of reps to work your abs? Have not we all? As you may have read before, your abs are exactly like every other muscle in your body. That means, you must train your abs the exact same way as the rest of your muscle groups in your body.

To make this more clear, ask yourself this:

Would you do 200 press ups every day? Well, maybe some of you would, but most of us do a set amount, then move on.

Same thing applies to your abdominals. It makes no sense to do hundreds of repetitions of the same workout. That defeats the object of working out. Once your body becomes used to the routine, your muscles will become harder to train … and that's just a plain scientific fact.

Not only that, but you'll do serious damage and also get extremely bored of the endless repetition.

To make strength gains with your abs, you have to follow the same principles that apply everywhere else. That means you have to overload your muscles.

The reason we feel the need to do so many reps is that we're not working them hard enough, usually because of improper form. If you have to do 50 or more crunches before you feel fatigued, slow down and concentrate on your technique and having good form.

Do a variety of exercises to target your rectus abdominis, obliques and transverse abdominis.Don't just think of your abs as a way to look great … remember that their purpose is to support your spine and help you have good posture.

If you need more difficult exercises, consider getting a stability ball. Try these exercises:

* Reverse Crunch with the ball under the knees

* Plank on the ball with ab roll

At the end of the day, never force yourself to do things that are either enjoyable or giving you that feeling of a real progress (you know, when it aches comfortably, burns a little etc).

A mixture is the key to sticking it out, and if you are able to develop a system where diet directly contributes and assists your rapid weight loss, then you would be miles ahead of the game …