Six Pack Abs Routine Workout

Our tension is to work more to get more results. But that is not true for a six pack abs routine workout. We need to train smart and intense not slow and moderate. In this article about six pack abs routine workout we are going to go over high intensity interval training style of working out.

Through this whole routine we will be implementing a super set style of training which means we are going to do a couple of exercises back to back with very little breaks in between.

Super set # 1

  • Pull-up, Hanging leg raises, Push Ups, Plank, Squat Jumps

Start off in a pull up bar with your palms facing away from you slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Slowly pull yourself up and go back to the starting position and then slowly raise your knee up towards your chest and slowly bring down your leg to the starting position. Get off the pull up bar and then proceed to do a push up and then hold that position for at least 1 minute doing a plank. After doing the plank get into a squat position and then jump as high as you can.

Super set # 2

  • Dumb bell squat, Dumb bell chest press, Dumb bell shoulder press

With your legs shoulder width apart grab the dumb bells on each hand and then slowly proceed to do a squat. Make sure your quads are parallel to the ground. After doing a squat use the same weight and do a chest press in a flat bench. Grabbing a lighter weight, stand with your legs shoulder with apart and slowly do a shoulder press.