Six Sigma Certification – Practical Applications in Marketing

Six Sigma Certification has a lot to offer many different industries. Ironically enough, it can even help out the marketing department, which is almost like its pseudo-twin, if you will. Marketing and Six Sigma both place a heavy emphasis on the voice of the customer and customer satisfaction. Their goals will ultimately be different, but both still involve the same ultimate outcome: customer satisfaction. Six Sigma will focus on cutting costs and improving performance, while marketing will focus more on spending to increase ad visibility and reworking the product packaging and features to get a better response.

When you put the two together, it’s a slightly irregular yet rather perfect match. Six Sigma certification can help the marketing industry to lower their advertising expenses, while placing an emphasis on more efficient marketing tactics and helping marketing companies to become more productive with their time and efforts. When it comes to retaining and attracting customers, nothing is really better than having the best of both worlds working for you. You can use Six Sigma to develop a cost-effective and efficient marketing strategy, which will drive in more customers and drive up sales. In slow times like these, this can be a huge success for a business.

The goal of reducing operating costs is present in just about every industry. However, the marketing industry doesn’t place a whole lot of emphasis on it, which makes it all the more beneficial for Six Sigma Certification to step in and work to produce cost-effectiveness for the marketing industry while still allowing them to do what they do best. Another thing that these two areas share is continuous improvement goals. Six Sigma strives for continuous improvement of various processes and products, while marketing works toward continuous improvement in strategy to market better, faster, and stronger than the next company.

Given that these two have so much in common, putting them together so that they can help each other out is almost a given. If you employ the best that Six Sigma Certification has to offer in the marketing industry, you can come up with an end result that gives you the best of both worlds with very little room for error on either side. When it comes to marketing, you need to make an impact. With Six Sigma on your side, it will be much easier and more effective when you do make that impact because of the processes that have been improved and the waste that has been eliminated.