Six Unusual Jobs

Jobs come and jobs go but unusual jobs get our attention and fire our imagination. If you are looking for a job, want to make a little extra income, or want a career change or just want to smile, here are six interesting and unusual jobs that might be right up your alley.

Worm Grunter

For those wishing to be self employed worm grunting might be a great business to get into. Overhead costs are low just requiring a bucket, a wooden stob and rooping iron. The stob is a wooden stick with a point that you hammer into the ground using a three foot flat piece of iron known as a rooping iron. You then drag the rooping iron across the head of the stob making the stob vibrate the ground and causing a grunting sound. The ground’s vibration drives night crawlers to the surface where you can easily grab hundreds of them throwing them into the bucket. As a worm grunter you can make money selling your “catch” to bait shops as well as entering worm grunting contests where you could win cash prizes.

Golf Ball Diver

Mainly a summer time occupation in northern regions, but a year round occupation in states such as Florida being a golf ball diver is a way to stay cool on those hot summer days while making a little pocket money. This job requires you have the ability to swim to with your eyes open as you will be retrieving golf balls from water hazards on the local golf course.

Plane Repossessor

If you like flying and can fly everything from small airplanes to jumbo jets to helicopters and don’t mind possibly getting shot at by drug lords then this might well be the unusual job for you. Though there are very few people around that work in this special field the pay off can be big as banks are willing to pay top dollar to get these planes back when people don’t make their payments.

Laughter Therapist

If you have the ability to make people laugh and see the lighter side of life, this could be an excellent career choice. As a laughter therapist your entire job is helping people to see the funny side of life and their own particular situation which isn’t always as easy as it may seem. A psychotherapy degree is needed to perform real laughter therapy but stand up comedians exercise their own versions as well.

Snake Milker

In order to make snake anti-venom you need venom so someone has to actually get the snake to release their venom into a dispenser of some sort so it can be used. The people who do this unusual job are great at handling snakes and probably get a bit of hazard pay as well. You might want to find a snake milker in your area and have him give you a few lessons for applying to do this job on your own.

Furniture Tester

This could be the perfect job for the couch potato in your family. Believe it not furniture manufacturers actually hire people to sit in those chairs, loaf on on those sofas, and stretch out on those mattresses to test them for comfort.

If you are looking for an unusual job one of these might be right for you.