Sizzling Trends to Consider for Novelty Lighting

When your kids always consider an enjoyable time of playing this spring season, it's time to transform his or her room with novel lighting options which would certainly be the talk of the town. So, stop here and get those creative ideas through the bag of trends specifically thought for novelty lighting. For sure, your little ones would always come back to you for playing in the environment which would be set.

Lamp Shades

Whether it's a lamp shade at the bedside or next to the study table, you could run your imagination wild while selecting the shade, the bulb, and the stand. For the shade, it could have a light colored translucent thick fabric backed by motifs. It's totally up to you which motifs you should select. This can be preferred to book lights. These could be stars, weird shapes or anything else that your little ones like the most. Let the light filter out and contribute towards a dazzling look of the room. The lamp stand should be kept somber but coated with gold or silver paint matching the color of the shade.


A Chandelier is a perfect add-on when you are thinking of something different when novelty lighting comes into the picture. Depending on your taste, you could either select one made of glass or metal. While a glass chandelier takes you back to the times of kings and queens, a metallic one helps to deck up rooms with a somber idea. Alternately, you could consider fittings festooned with colorful beads.

Wall Lighting

If you want others to distinguish you totally, then there's a lot that you can do with wall lights. You could go ahead in installing LED lit intricate shapes which your kid often daydreams. In order to keep it simple but appealing to the eyes, you can opt for a crescent or Saturn. But, if the budget is restricting you from purchasing, then illuminated photo frames can also work. Snaps not only remind you of those special moments but also instill a feeling for your child that he is never alone.

Floor Lighting

As a parent, you would not prefer to go for floor lighting. It is better to take precautions before something serious happens when little ones run Helter skelter. But just in case if you think about floor lighting, then you consider placing a slender floor lamp next to the window or at a place which would be out of reach.

Night Lights

Why keep your little one bereft of enjoyment late in the night when spring is the best season? A light masked with a molded shape of an animal, or a flower like a lotus will always usher the right environment to play a bit more but at the same time help him to catch up on sleep.