Skateboard Bearings Information

Skateboard decks are made up of four main parts, the deck, truck assembly, wheels and, bearings. Like almost all contraptions and machines that have wheels, it’s essential that they also have a good set of bearings to assist them while moving about. Skateboard Bearings are a part of the underbelly assembly that is present in the wheels that take the whole weight of the individual, and also facilitate mobility options.

Bearings are classified into the following categories depending on their sizes: 1, 3,5,7,9. These guidelines are as per those laid down by the skating organization. The type of bearings that one uses, depends on the precision of the bearing when used with the wheels. It is seen that most often the 3 and 5 versions of these bearings are used. The need of these bearings is essential as it helps stabilize skateboard decks when you are performing difficult tricks. The ABEC system is also a good way of determining the type of wheel bearings that you need to use on your board.

Changing wheel bearing doesn’t require you to make a trip to skateboard shops. You can change the bearing yourself in the confines of your home. You need a screwdriver as well as a new set of bearings. With the screwdriver pry out the old and worn out bearing and then affix the new bearings by applying even pressure on the bearing till it slips inside the wheel cavity. Obviously, it’s not a job that you can master at first try, and those who can fit these bearings perfectly certainly come with profound experience.