Skin Tag Cut Off Method

The best type of skin cut off methods are the ones that ensure that there is no infection afterward. I will explain exactly how you can accomplish cutting off a tag in a safe fashion.

1. Cleaning the area around the skin tag:

Make sure that you wipe off the skin tag as well as the surrounding skin with hydrogen peroxide in order to remove any bacteria that might be in that general area.

2. Use tweezers to fully extend the tag:

It is important that you stretch out the tag so that you'll have easy access to the point where it enters the surrounding skin on your body.

3. Cut it off using a small pair of scissors:

The best type of scissors to use for this step are ones that are used for manicures. While holding the skin tag stretched out with the pair of tweezers, snip off the tag at the point where it meets with the rest of the skin.

Some people prefer to use a pair of nail clippers, but I feel that using manicure scissors is a safer choice.

4. Sterilize the area after the skin tag has been removed:

Soak a ball of cotton in hydrogen peroxide and wipe the area that had contained the skin tag. If there is some boring, just add a bandage to the area and leave it on for at least a day.

Good luck with your goal to remove your skin tags, and just remember that as long as you remove your skin tags carefully, that you most likely will not have to deal with scarring or an infection.