Slapped in the Face!

They kept it all

It was thrown in the streets, the highways and byways. Yes, the silver, the gold, the diamonds, the dollars, the pound notes and other currencies. No! No! Too late! Too late! We cannot use it now! Pestilence, disasters, disease, plagues, heat, cold, floods fire, and earthquake are all around us. Angels, horses, chariots and a king are all visible in the sky. The noisy trumpets are sounding loudly, the sky is rolled back and the heaven is on fire, what use is money to us now?

Money given but Rejected

Employers, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, boyfriends and girlfriends, emptied their bank accounts for those in need but had problems giving the money away. Employers pleaded, ‘Here is the money that we owe you guys and sorry about the delay. I believe we owe you lots of money. Here is what we owe take it and buy what you need.’

‘Thank you, boss, but our bills are all paid for, our fridges and freezers are filled with food, and our homes are warm and we are not cold and hungry any more!’

‘Wife’, says the husband, ‘take this money and buy enough food in the house to feed yourself and the children.’

‘Thank you, husband, but we are not hungry anymore; we are full and have all that’s needed!’

‘ I’m terribly sorry for not being there for you and the children when you needed me. When you asked me for financial help I turned away from you, although, I knew the situation. Also, my friends, relations and work meant more to me than you and the kids, even knowing that we were a married couple and had a family; I still did not do my duty. Instead, I was a husband and father to others, even to my work place. When I took my friends out I paid for their meals, drinks, and helped pay for their holidays. Also, I left you at home and went on holidays with friends, relations and with my work place, and left all to suffer. Therefore, I have failed as a husband and father.

My son my daughter here is some money, buy yourselves the things that you’ve always needed for some time now!’

‘Thanks mum and dad but I don’t need these things anymore. I have enough now and plenty to spare and I shall not be in need anymore. Goodbye mum, goodbye dad, sorry to know that I shall never see you again.’

‘Dear mummy and daddy, I’m sorry for not helping you out when you needed me, but I’m here now and ready to help you. Here is some money to pay your rent/mortgage and to pay your heating bills.’

‘Thank you my son and daughter, but our rent/mortgage and heating bills have all been paid for us and never again shall we ask or need your help. Your unkindness toward us has separated us eternally and we will not see each other again. Farewell my son, farewell my daughter!’

‘My girlfriend, here is some money to help you buy some shopping and help with your rent while you are studying.’

‘Thank you my love but I’m not in need anymore. A kind person saw my desperation and came to rescue me and now your help is no longer required, goodbye, we shall not meet again!’

‘My loving boyfriend I’ve bought you a present and it’s something you’ve always wanted.’

‘It’s okay now my darling, I don’t need the heater anymore. My room is warm and I’m now resting in the glory and warmth of my Lord. Farewell! Farewell! I shall not see your face again.’

Final Plea to Take what was Robbed

The rich men and women pleaded with those whom they robbed and cheated and did not help to take the money that was offered them. But the money was thrown into the streets because it was useless and had no value. It could not buy food, medicine, clothing or any of the necessities of life. Everything in the world was now free, but no one was interested in this freedom of wealth.’

How Some got their Wealth

The poor were robbed, orphans forsaken, widows and widowers neglected, the sick forsaken, the naked given no clothing, and the hungry went without food. For centuries the poor have been forsaken and robbed by those who were so much wealthier than they. However, there is no harm in being wealthy but the problem occurs in how this wealth was gained, worshipped and distributed. When money is not being put to good use but hoarded for self gratification, sin lurks at the door and evil takes control. Money is not an evil thing in itself, but the love of it makes it evil. And because of the love of it, many lives will be lost eternally.

A Man Died that you might Live!

Jesus left his home in heaven and came to this evil world to save humanity from total ruin. As a result of dying on the cross we became His priceless gem and given the opportunity of having eternal life. When He was on earth He did not only heal the sick but cared for those in need, although, He was Himself poor. Therefore, Jesus is our example in caring and loving each another.


The things of this world are only but for a short time, so don’t set your hearts on the temporal things because they are only for a moment. Don’t allow your worldly goods or the pleasures of this world rob you of eternal life. Just remember it’s not wrong to have riches but it’s the love of it that makes it evil. Do your best in doing what is right, then you shall hear those wonderful words spoken by Jesus “Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord. I was hungry and you gave me food, naked and you clothed me, sick and in prison and you visited me”!

May the Lord bless and keep you, may the Lord cause his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you, may the Lord lift up the light of His countenance upon you and be gracious unto you this day now and for evermore, AMEN.