Slate Roofing Material

Slate roofing has identified itself in the mainstream for quite some time now. Furthermore, a greater number of the roofs you may see on a regular basis, contingent on where you live, will be a slate roof. Customarily, these roofs have been considered one of the top quality and longest lasting residential roofing material on the market. Although slate is markedly durable, some homeowners choose to get them installed for various other reasons.

What precisely is slate? Slate is actually a type of stone. What numerous people may not be aware of, is that you can classify a lot of slate roofs simply when the light hits it from a particular angle. This is because of the mica component that is found in slate, that can be up to 40% in many forms of slate.

Slate is a beautiful, elegant looking product that looks fantastic on any design of roof. Even though the material itself holds a gorgeous color, many customers don’t even recognize how many choices they actually have when choosing a slate roof. Slate roofs supply people with the possibility to search from various thicknesses and sizes to assure that it is an accurate fit for the material that is represented on your home. They also permit you to customize how they are installed, providing a range of patterns for installation. Other than simply circumference, slate roofs also come in a collection of colors, including: red, black, gray, green, and purple. There is also such a slate choice as “mottled” tiles that display as if they are a composite of all the colors to choose from.

While this type of roof brings wonderful customization, it is also one of the longest lasting roofs on the market. While similar in style, you have to repair roof shingles frequently because of typical wear and tear. Slate roofs are estimated to last up to a century, with rarely any maintenance along the way. Of course drastic weather can result in minor costs, nevertheless, with a strong and comprehensive installation, you are sure to keep your cash in your pocket and get the most out of your investment.

You may be wondering how long it takes to install slate on your roof. Typically with one person, most people will install 100 square feet of slate a day. You are likely going to pay around 10 to 30 dollars per slate. This can be quite a purchase, but you will likely never have to do any repairs on your roof for the rest of the time that you live in the house! It is definitely a high quality investment to think of when selecting the material you want to apply on your roof.