Sledge Hammer – Great for Demolition Jobs

A sledge-hammer is as heavy long-handled hammer used or driving pins, stakes, wedges. Their design includes a double-sided head. This tool is typically used for tasks that require more brute force that’s why it needs to be heavy. They commonly weigh at 8-16 pounds but they can be as much as 20 pounds. The handle of the hammer is usually made of wood or fiberglass and they are noticeably longer than that of a typical hammer. The head is typically made of heavy metal.

The sledge-hammer is not designed for light duty tasks. It is designed to displace a large amount of force over a condensed area. This was made possible by the heavy head and the long handle. It takes some strength for a person to fully wield the sledgehammer, but this action results for larger impacts.

For a number of years now, sledge hammers have been used in the construction industry. This tool has been used to drive railroad spikes when railroads were being built. This is due to the fact that sledge hammers can withstand reinforced steel. Jobs that require fracturing concrete is a cinch with the use a this tool. You can also split large rocks and pieces of wood with this tool

Blacksmiths often use sledge hammers to shape pieces of metal works. In the year of 1980, the British SAS counter terrorist also used these hammers to gain access to rooms during the siege of Iranian embassy

Smaller sledge-hammers are also available for medium tasks. Since the use of this tool can be dangerous, it is encouraged that safety precautions should be implemented. Eye-protection such as goggles should be used to avoid splinters from damaging our eyes. Check the hammer for defects and breaks. Do not use if there are bystanders. Make sure to hold the tool with both hands. It is better to deliver short blows to the target area and then gradually increase the force and length of your strokes.