Slices of Bangkok Life

Life in a Third-World country may seem harsh and in many ways it is; long hours for workers, no unions, low wages, and limited education.

However, even a Third-World country can have its sad, glad and interesting moments.

In a province of Thailand, known as Chiang Rai, an inmate was found dead in his jail cell.

Following an examination, there were no signs of foul play or wounds to the body.

It was concluded that the twenty year old inmate merely froze to death, denoting the cause of death as hypothermia.

Thailand’s Chonburi province is the home to many retirees and a lot of them are from foreign countries that are in the Kingdom to enjoy a low cost of living and warm weather.

An 85 year old Japanese man who suffered a business bankruptcy went to the Immigration Bureau to extend his visa in order to stay in Thailand.

Lacking some of the required paperwork, the man’s request was rejected.

Miscommunication plagued the man and he feared that if he proceeded with a planned trip to Japan to collect his pension, he would be unable to return to his home in Thailand.

Distraught, the man used a hammer to drive a knife into his heart.

The paperwork error could have been easily rectified, but misunderstanding and frustration got the better of the elderly gentleman.

On the somewhat lighter side, police in Pathum Thani, Thailand busted a woman, because the web chat sites were advertising sex toys which she had for sale.

The Police were also part of the web chat site audience and acted on the posted information, which netted them two suitcases of 500 rubber dolls and other unmentionable items.

She admitted to authorities that she had purchased the items in Hong Kong on a trip and had brought them into the Kingdom of Thailand.

Despite what does go on in Thailand, adult toys are illegal.