Slovenia Casinos

The Republic of Slovenia borders Austria, Italy, Hungary, and Croatia with a coast length of approximately 28 miles. Slovenia is an Eastern European country that joined the European Union in 2004 and will also convert its national currency to Euro on January 1, 2007.

Due to its stable economy and scenic country and coastline, Slovenia visits many visitors from all over the world. There are a total of 13 registered Slovenian casinos in different parts of the country, with the largest of them located in Nova Gorica. Nova Gorica has the most Slovenia casinos, as well, a total of 3. The largest is the Hotel Casino Perla, which is a hotel resort and offers many more than just gambling facilities. Besides the casino's services, you can find fine dining, shopping, a spa, and health care facilities, as well as a luxurious hotel.

Slovenia casinos that are located in the complex of a hotel are usually open 24 hours, or at least the access to the slot machines; whereas, the other casinos generally open in early afternoon and close in the pre-dawn hours.

The official language in Slovenia is Slovene, but in all Slovenia casinos you will find helpful dealers that speak English fluently. Gambling is legal only for those who are 18 years and above in the Slovenia casinos; recent photo identification will be required at the entrance of each casino.

Some casinos in Slovenia will also conduct gambling lessons for those who are new to any particular game or to gambling altogether. Casinos are the only legal form of gambling in Slovenia at present, and any other forms of gambling, such as horse and dog racing, are not legal and there before it is advised not to participate in the same.

Slovenia casinos practice all the international games such as poker, black jack, roulette, slot machines, video poker games, and other video terminal gaming for your entertainment. Getting to and staying in Slovenia is made easy by its friendly online site where you can find answers to questions, such as where to stay while in Slovenia, as well as places of interest. All the casinos are listed, as well, along with their facilities and opening hours. If the online site does not provide you with the required details, contact a local travel agent to book your vacation.