Slow Cooker And The 'Keep Warm Option' – A Fantastic Combination

The function of the slow cooker is to speed up the cooking process to such an amount that the duration is increased and you get well cooked and hot food even though you dumped in all the ingredients a few hours ago.

However, what if you need the food to remain warm for an even longer duration? What if you want the food to be cooked over twelve hours when the maximum that the cooker can do is eight hours?

Well, you can go in for solutions that are related to the slow cooker but are used outside the same. That is to say, you can go in for a timer that is placed between the cooker and the electrical supply. The slow cooker itself has a programmable chip that regulates the inflow of electricity.

By installing a separate timer, you can regulate the inflow of electricity from the outside. If you cut main power to the cooker, it is obvious that the cooking process will stop. When the process restarts, the original program schedule will start.

That is to say, if you let the food cook for thirty minutes and if you stop the power for two hours, a total of two and a half hours would have lapsed but the cooker would have cooked for just 30 minutes.

When you start power again, the cooker would start from the point where it left off. This is automatically going to increase the duration of your cooking process. However, such an approach is not free of its own share of risks. What if the dish that you are cooking is just not designed for ten hours of cooking?

In such a scenario, you may end up with an extremely overcooked dish just because you cut the power supply in the beginning. Further, there is a possibility that the cookers may lose its preprogrammed function when you supply power all over again. The end result is that there is a possibility of loss of effort.

If you want to avoid such complications, you should try to operate within the parameters of the cooker. Tinkering with its functioning may sound cool but has its own share of risks.

You can come up with different ideas and try to keep the food warm instead of cooking it. This is an additional option that is available in some expensive and premium models. This will help you avoid overcooking and enjoy warm food whenever you want.