Slow Cooker Reviews – Best Slow Cooker, Cheap Crock Pot

It turns out the best slow cooker is also a cheap crock pot!

The clear winner across three categories, the best selling slow cooker, the best selling crock pot and the best selling programmable slow cooker; it was awarded 4 or more Stars by 85% of customer reviewers, and can be purchased online (free shipping included) at an affordable price!

It has several note worthy unique features, it has automatic cook and switch to warm mode, power interrupt protection, a clip-tight gasket lid (to avoid spills in on the upholstery on the way to the gathering), and a thermometer probe that enables you to cook your roast or recipe until an exact temperature is reached and then the unit switches automatically to warm mode. You will never again have to worry about under done, unsafe or over cooked, dry, stringy meat – your roasts will be cooked to perfection every time and then kept warm until you are ready to carve. Plus you will never need to worry about your dinner spoiling if you are later home than when the meal is due to finish cooking, with the cook and hold feature.

This popular model is a 6 quart programmable slow cooker, which is a popular size for both one person cooking and families. A 6 quart cooks up 9 servings of soup, chili or casserole style dishes, or one or two roast weighing up to 7 pounds together. The programmable part of this description means you program into the LED display how long you want the recipe to cook for and then it cooks it and holds it in warm mode until you are ready to eat. Singles and smaller families enjoy the benefits of being able to have several meals worth cooked at once, with the left overs being frozen for serving later – a smart use of electricity and a great time saver.

So if you lead a busy life an need to come home to the main part of the meal already done, and sometimes you can’t guarantee you will be home exactly when you think you will, the cook and hold function will be an essential feature you will enjoy.

If you need to take hot food to pot luck dinners or for family holiday dinners, tail gating or to the football, the locking gasket lid will be a feature you need.

Do you family prefer to eat roast meats rather than casseroles? Cooking with this slow cooker in probe mode is going to cook the meat perfectly and then hold it on warm until you are ready to serve it. What a great feature!

Or maybe you live in an area that is prone to power fluctuations, in which case the power interruption protection offered with this model may give some peace of mind. The unit remembers its settings and returns to them if the power interruption is 5 seconds or less.

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