Small Business Web Host

A small business needs a web host with different requirements than sites that are targeted for personal use or for pleasure. Business sites needs to ensure that the host can guarantee reliable uptime and other important issues such as security and secured pages for payment protection. If you want to project a professional image to your prospects and potential customers, you can look around to find one that would suit all your needs. Choices are plentiful and you can easily find one that would be right for your small business.

If you are looking for a web host for your small business here are some issues to consider when choosing one.

Disk Space

To start off your search you need to be aware just how much disk space you would need to store your files and make sure your hosting provider can meet this need. The bigger the file size of your application, the more space you would need to store those files. If you are planning to run a large social networking site, then you would obviously need a dedicated server to do this.


Some hosting companies are really bad on their promise and do not deliver the reliability you need. The worst thing that can happen to you is site downtime. This would include the time spent that your provider needs to maintain and service their servers. If the servers are prone to getting crashes and they do not offer a near 100% uptime guarantee for reliability, then you should avoid using these companies.


You can find out the amount of bandwidth allocated for your hosting plan. Some hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth which can be a real treat for you are looking for value for money. Bandwidth allocation is crucial to enable you to ensure your website visitors are able to access your site at anytime without any problems.


Some hosting providers have very low security measures and your site can get hacked by external threats such as malicious third parties if you are not careful. Choose hosting provider that offers a tight measure to protect all of the files in the server. Getting a low security server is disastrous for your business website. Just imagine what would happen when your family-related site is attacked by unknown virus or third parties that place pornographic pictures on your company's home page?


This would refer to the accuracy and genuineness of the data that is transmitted over the network.

Whenever a data is intercepted and changed before arriving to the intended recipient then the integrity is list. This can happen in a company website when a third party intercepts a particular data and replaces it with another and pretend to be coming from your site. It can replace the header information and acts as if those files are really originating from your server.

Secure Socket Layer

Secure Socket Layer refers to the protocol that is used to protect the integrity of the data that is going in and out of your website to the intended recipient. Most payment pages make use of this method to ensure the integrity and security of the sensitive data being transmitted over the network.