Small Commercial Elevators

Small commercial elevators are designed to improve accessibility in a building and to provide economical, safe, smooth and reliable vertical transportation. They can be used both in existing buildings and new ones. They are ideal for commercial buildings with two or three floors, churches, businesses, and so on.

A Variety of Models and Loading Configurations

Small commercial elevators are characterized by several loading configurations to suit a wide variety of construction and budgetary requirements. When compared to the typical commercial elevator, small commercial elevators are so made that they would take up less space, and use fewer overhead clearances and less shaft. They are also less expensive. A customer can opt for one in standard or custom design. Nowadays, a variety of models of such elevators with standard and optional features are available. The models differ from each other in terms of design, speed range, color and cab finishes. Most ADA compliant small commercial elevators offer a smooth start and stop for a comfortable journey.

Noteworthy Safety Features

Small commercial elevators come with safety features such as:

Emergency backup

Programmable logic controllers

Overspeed governor

UL approved safety door interlock

Motor brake

Cab lighting with stop buttons

Lockable control panel

In-use indicator lights on hall stations

Battery emergency lighting and lowering

Slack chain brake system

Anti-creep operation

Standard Specifications

The standard specifications of a small commercial elevator may include:

Fully automatic operation

Hydraulic drive system

Energy efficient variable speed motor drive

Wide stable rail design

Attractive elevator style cab fixtures and call stations

Modular rail sections for quick installation

Automatic cab on/off lighting

Make Better Use of Your Available Space

Small commercial elevators come to the rescue of people who value accessibility but

are faced with limitations of space and distance. Depending on your budget, you can find the right elevator for your commercial establishment from a quality manufacturer.