Small Fireproof Safes

Buying a small fireproof safe for your home or business is a great investment. Having your own safe means you don’t have to pay for a box at the bank and you don’t have to travel to the bank every time you need something. Besides keeping cash, it’s a perfect place for passports, social security cards, jewelry, important documents such as titles to a vehicle, etc.

Safes are available in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Some weigh as little at 14 pounds and others weigh over 100. The smaller ones are useful for cash, small items, a coin box for an event, etc. A safe to hold documents, jewelry, etc. should be a little bit larger.

Things to look for when buying are , size, weight, convenience of use. Some safes are easier to open. This is good for you, but also easier if stolen to open so may not be a good point. It should be a little bit difficult to open so even if someone walks off with it, chances are they won’t get into it. It should be fire proof and water proof and not fire resistant and water resistant. If you do have a fire, most likely it will be put out with water so it should be both.

The larger safes come with an anchoring hole so you can bolt the safe to a wall or floor and no one will be able to remove it. This is great for putting in your basement or closet and keeping all your papers and valuables in. The small fireproof safes are great for keeping things safe and dry. They should have a handle on them so you can move them around. If there is a combination lock, make sure it has a key backup in case you forget the combination.