Small Greenhouse Plans in 7 Easy Steps

A successful greenhouse does not mean a big greenhouse. Even if you have limited space, limited carpentry skills, and even limited gardening skills, there are small greenhouse plans available for everyone.

Here is how to build a quick and easy greenhouse you can start right away – a hoop style greenhouse for your backyard.


Greenhouse Plastic 6 millimeters thick at a size of 7 by 7 feet.
More of the same Plastic 2 sheets at 5 by 5 feet.
4 half-inch PVC Pipes -10 feet in length each
1 half-inch PVC Pipe – 2 feet in length
4 three-port half-inch corner elbow connectors
4 four-port connectors
Cutting Blade
Rubber Mallet

Estimated time of finishing building this is approximately 3 hours and estimated costs $ 40 around.

So here are the steps:

1. Saw 2 of the PVC pipes in half so you have 4 5-foot pieces

2. Hammer in the elbows to each end of the pieces you just cut.

3. Grab 1 10-foot pipe and hammer it into one of the remaining elbow ports on one end.

4. Bend the pipe into the other end and hammer it in the opposing elbow port. Be careful. Get help if needed. Now do the same thing for the other side.

5. Take your 2-foot PVC pipe and saw off multiple 1-inch pieces. We will use these as clamps. Take these pieces and saw one end open to essentially "open" the ring.

6. Place your plastic over your frame and attach the plastic with your new clamps that you just made. It does not hurt to clamp down the plastic in multiple places.

7. Take your remaining 5 by 5 foot plastic and cut it to a size slightly larger than the open ends of your greenhouse. This will be serve as doors for your. After attaching them, slice it straight down the middle to make two flaps. Now you have the option to tie the flaps.

And presto, you have yourself a small greenhouse.

Here are more tips: You might want to weigh down the sides of your greenhouse with big cinder blocks or rocks. If it rains heavily in your area, you might also want to poke small holes on top of your plastic to prevent puddles from forming.

You can scale this to a larger version, but I would suggest to add more "ribs" and maybe throw a wire mesh over your frame before placing your plastic. This will help with stability and strength.

Now, do not get ahead of yourself, this is a very simple and cost-effective way to get your crops started early. We can still talk about heating, watering, cooling, and humidifying systems, different styles, frames, and pest prevention. But all of this is beyond the scope of what we're trying to accomplish.

So in the mean time, enjoy your new greenhouse and next time, you'll start on a new project on a larger scale.