Small Home Elevators – Three Kinds of Home Elevators To Restore Your Mobility

Has your home become a prison for you? Is a recent injury, or a progressive disabling physical condition preventing you from effortlessly climbing the stairs in your home? If so, you are reading the right article. You will find out about three types of small home elevators that you can install in your house to completely bypass the difficulties in climbing the stairs, and the risks associated with climbing high stairs. By implementing one of them, you will regain confidence that you are in complete control of your house again. Moving about in your house will be effortless and safe once again.

The three types of small home elevators to install in your home are: Chair Elevator, Residential Elevator, and Inclined Platform Lift.

Residential Elevator

This is the most radical, and most expensive option. It will require a redesign of a substantial portion of your floor plan. If that is financially feasible for you, you will have the best possible solution to avoid the stairs, a bona-fide residential home elevator.

Chair Elevator

When your disability still allows you to walk safely on flat land, this could be the right solution for you. The chair elevator is installed directly onto the existing stairs, and just takes some space for the rail on one side of the stairs. It can be called by a remote control, and all you do is sit down into the chair, put a safety belt on, and press the “up” button or flap. Less than a minute later, you are delivered upstairs safely, quietly, and effortlessly. No more will you be risking a fall going up and down stairs on foot.

Inclined Platform Lift

When you need to use a mobility scooter or wheelchair inside your home, the inclined platform lift might be a much better option for you. Inclined platform lift works similarly to a chair elevator, but it has not a chair, but a metal platform on which both your wheel chair or mobile scooter will fit, with you still riding the wheel chair or the scooter. There is no transfers. Just drive onto the platform, secure your position, press the “up” button, and you are delivered upstairs where you simply take off with your wheelchair or scooter. It is just that simple. Inclined platform lift is indeed often termed a “wheelchair platform lift.”