Smart-Phone Or Intelligence?

Children are more absorbed in gadgets and play the games available on the web and entertain themselves. These games have started to weaken the minds of the children and their IQ is going down. They have become dumber and they have no idea what socializing between real people is. Even when they meet real people they are found using gadgets and not mingling. There are many side effects of this smart-phone on the sensitive brains and eyes of children.

Some ill effects are as follows:

=> The kids don’t find the necessity engaging themselves in vocal conversations all they need is a game and some social chats.

=> Not only kids, but even elders are prone not socializing in person and they lose the capacity the talk and they become motionless.

=> Most of the times it’s the gadget addiction, which increases, which may lead to psychological disorders. The individual may go to the extent of hurting themselves too, if they don’t get to use the gadget.

=> These smartphones are mini computers. They have a clear access to the internet and teenagers are as usual curious and they end up seeing things which are adulterated and try to experiment in real life which kills their innocence.

=> These smartphones also emit hazardous radiations which may be carcinogenic and may lead to cancer which is not curable.

=> Smartphones are also the modes of social networking through the internet. This is a serious trouble. This makes the person so addictive that they invest emotions, even without seeing the person and once when the game ends they end up psychologically disturbed.

=> Radiations emitted by smartphones are not only carcinogenic but they are harmful to the sensitive outer layer of the human eye. This may in some cases make the person blind.

=> All these are directly proportional health and the factor called stress. Stress itself is the cause of dangerous diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, acidity, ulcers etc.

=> Smartphones might carry the word “smart” with them, but they lead to more dumbness in reality.

=> Lubricating fluids of the body dry up due to lower body movements and the individual becomes numb and the physical strength decreases.

It’s up to oneself if they decide to balance both gadgets and life. Especially the kids, they have no idea what this leads to and parents are equally held guilty. It’s up to them whether they choose smartphones or intelligence? Take your decision wisely.