Smartphone EMF Protection Through Detachment

Smartphones, cellphones, Tablets and all personal handheld communication devices are creating an extremely powerful attachment to your brain. Many people are living in a world which does not exist without the instant ability to connect, react and respond to information from these devices. This is an attachment. Attachment is a false sense of reality. A mental stronghold that controls and limits peoples ability to reach higher levels of consciousness, awareness and mindfulness. Attachments are not serving they are taking. Attachments create disease in the mind and body. Attachments stunt and retard the growth of consciousness in humans creating a mental prison of thoughts, ideas and fears. Attachments are all internal and negative. They do not serve you, you serve them. Attachments create fear and limit action.

Attachment to your smart phone is like living in a prison cell inside the matrix of your mind. With the thought of it and what it could be doing keeps you in a paralyzed fake reality. Controlled by the negative fears and thoughts of what you might miss or what could happen to you without, “my precious” coveted smart phone. Learning how to detach yourself from your Smartphone can free you from this prison and help you learn one of the 7 spiritual laws of success, Detachment.

Detachment is one of the most important ways of viewing life known to humankind. Detachment is limitless and the highest level of consciousness. Detachment is pure love. It is reaching a higher level of vibration. Detachment is as close to god as you can get. Detachment is what every single Avatar, sage and God like human that has walked this Earth mastered. Detachment in its basic form, is what they have been teaching in written texts throughout history. Detachment is getting in touch with yourself. Tapping into the infinite power of love light and divinity that the universe holds. Detachment is pure unconditional Christ like love. Detachment frees your mind and heals your body. Detachment give you endless energy. It is pure Love and giving to all things.

When practice the art of detaching yourself from the stronghold that cellphones, Smartphones and Tablets hold over you. You will be free, to completely be present and to be allot happier. Every time you have a thought about what is this? What is that? Were is so and so? How can I do this? How much does that cost? Were is that? If you have a smart phone next to you there is a very strong chance you will look it up. This is a great tool, it has helped in many of situations. But it has in many more ways created an information overload. People cannot handle that much information at one time. It’s a shotgun bang to the cerebrum. Done, finished excessive amounts, short-circuit. Stepping back and learning the art of detachment, you will control the impulsive information cravings. You will control how to sort out the crap from the needed. Free your mind from the mental slavery of vast information paralysis.

How to practice detachment. First this will be hard. Turn off your cellphone! Some people will actually get withdrawals and go into panic and possibly shock or convulsions. Its OK just let it happen. Next sit or lay on the floor in a comfortable position. Pretend that the back of your forehead is a T.V screen, whenever a thought or impulse comes onto the screen get rid of it. You can play a game with this either shoot it with a laser beam, or pretend its a sticky note and that note suddenly bursts into flames. Then disappears as black smoke. As you practice this more and more, it will get easier. As this becomes easier it will be more fun. As you have more fun doing this exercise you will be happier. Once you are having fun living in ease and being happy doing this exercise, in a controlled relaxing environment. You then can bring this to all places you go, all day everyday. When you have mastered the art of detachment to your smartphone, you will no longer feel the constant need to have it with you next to your body 24/7. This is the most powerful form of EMF protection available, Smartphone Abstinence. Use it when needed for a purpose. Use it don’t let the Smart Phone use and control you.

If you do have a need for work or other reasons to have your phone next to you, then the next best form of EMF protection is having some physical products on or near the phone. Air-tube headsets, EMF protection holsters and carriers. Orgonite and EMF radiation cellphone chips. Pendants and bracelet EMF protection all are powerful and great ways to keep your Brain and Body safe from the toxic effects of Cellphone EMF radiation.