Smile Design

If you think that you do not have a beautiful smile, don’t worry just visit your dentist. Dentists can correct all your dental flaws through a host of techniques available to them. Some of the techniques are attaching porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, and bonding. Many of these procedures are performed by qualified Buffalo Grove dentist. This article briefly discusses these treatments.

Porcelain veneers

In this technique, a thin layer is removed from the frontal surface of teeth. Then a porcelain layer is attached to the teeth. Not only does this whiten teeth, it also alters the shape and size of teeth if required.

Teeth whitening

There are various teeth whitening kits that are available in medical stores these days. However, these kits are not always as effective as the procedures followed by dentists in clinics. This is because of two reasons. First, the compounds used in the teeth whitening kits that are sold in markets have low concentrations of peroxide. This makes them less effective than the chemicals used by dentists. Dentists also make the covering for the gums that prevent the bleaching agent from damaging the tissues of the mouth separately for each patient. This ensures that none of the bleaching agent spills out.


If you have lost teeth, you will need artificial teeth. Porcelain crowns are attached to titanium posts fixed to the jawbone where the teeth are missing. These porcelain crowns are like natural teeth and last quite long. The color of the crown is matched with the color of the patient’s other teeth. This make them look completely natural.


When people lose their teeth they may also opt for bridges instead of implants. In this case the artificial tooth or teeth are attached to an adjacent teeth rather than the jaw bone. This is a simpler process of getting permanent dentures.


Often the problem is not the teeth themselves but the gaps between the teeth. These gaps can be concealed with material that looks like natural teeth. This also improves the overall shape of the mouth and makes the person’s smile beautiful.

People who wish to visit a dentist for a better smile should find out if the dentist has the qualifications to perform the required procedures or not. Some clinics have their websites with the relevant information. The best thing to do is to talk to people who have been treated by the dentist. Hope you find a good dentist who makes your smile perfect!