Snow Melt Mat Prevents Water Mess on Garage Floor

Tired of cleaning up the water mess on your garage floor caused by melting snow from your vehicle? You can say goodbye to mopping. A snow melt mat can be placed on your garage floor and you simply park your vehicle on it to absorb the melting snow.

With this garage mat it takes the worries out of falling on wet, slippery surfaces. Because it absorbs the melted snow it will also prevent water damage to your garage cabinets, boxes stored on the floor and other items you may have stored in your garage.

The backing of the mat is waterproof with a non-slip rubber material that prevents the water from reaching the surface underneath the mat. The mats come in 6 foot widths and in lengths of up to 150 feet. This width is adequate for most vehicles. If a wider length is need the product is also available in 3 foot widths. You can simply purchase a 6 foot section and a 3 foot section and place the mats side by side to get a 9 foot width.

A snow melt mat is easy to use. Simply roll it out on the floor of your garage. To decide the length of mat you need, measure the length of your vehicle and add one foot to the front and one foot to the back.

This absorbent mat will absorb gallons and gallons of water. Generally the mat does not become saturated with water during a winter because of natural evaporation. In the event you have a very harsh winter and the mat becomes over saturated you would need to vacuum the excess water up.

In the Spring, after the mat has dried up completely, you can vacuum the dirt and gravel that came in with the snow. It is also a good idea to flip up the edges of the mat to dry it out in case any water got under the mat on the edges. The mat can be left in place on your garage floor year round. The mat will not wear out by driving in and out on it. The only way you can damage the mat is by turning your wheels on it while parked on it.

With a snow melt mat, the worry about messy floors, slip and falls, damage to garage cabinets and concrete damage caused by road salt is eliminated.