Snow Shoveling Tips

It is Winter time again and snow is falling in many areas for the northern hemisphere. Shoveling snow is one of the most dangerous exercise one can do. There is no real training you can do to prepare for it and every year a large number of people either get hurt while shoveling snow or even die from the heavy exercise (heart attack, etc). Experts want to warn people to take it easy as they sling that snow over their shoulders.

There is a high danger of injuring your back or even straining your heart when shoveling snow. Medical experts say you should take the work slow and listen to your body carefully. If your body tells you to take a break, you should immediately stop and rest for a while. Not all snow is created equal. Wet snow is very heavy, so as an example medical experts say you should bend at your knees to avoid straining your muscles. Make sure to do some minor warm up exercise before starting the heavy work. If you do experience some back pain, a few days rest may be needed to help, but if the problem is serious or persists for a long period of time, you should see your doctor.

The heavy snow could also weigh down tree branches, causing them to break, and it could even cause damage to the roofs of some buildings. Be safe when in areas where heavy snow could cause damage described. Don’t stay in such areas or remove snow from roofs or trees with a long stick or shovel. Make sure somebody is assisting you in case you get buried under heavy snow. You would be surprised how heavy snow can be and how difficult it can be to dig yourself out from snow that fell down on you from a roof. If you see a tree slowly giving up on the heavy snow, take a broom and remove the snow from branches where possible before working underneath the tree. Winter times with snow can be fun, but they can also be dangerous to your health. Prepare appropriately and you will be able to enjoy the white Winter Wonderland when mother nature decides to put some ‘powder’ down.