Snowblades Are Big Fun on the Slopes

New Category of Snowriding Brings More Control and More Fun to the Ski Resorts

You may have seen them on the slopes, people on what looks like snowblades. Looked like they were having a lot of fun. Officially termed skiboards, these “shorties” are about half the length of skis with many models having similar surface area as skis, while being wider than most skis as well.

Snowblades are constructed with parabolic sidecuts for effortless carving while the shorter length makes for much more control, much less fear and pure fun from day one! No kidding! Usually these will also feature symmetrical twin tips for easy backwards and forwards riding and offer a variety of binding choices from non-release to release to backcountry ascent bindings.

Snowblades are so easy to learn, you can be up and running months or even years faster with less hassle than the more traditional, longer skis that dominate the slopes. Most experience a learning curve of one or two days. Snowblades are much less expensive, with entry models starting around $99. Higher end models of snowblades will usually cap out at around $550. And these are so easy to carry. Poles are necessary either.

Not considered junior skis, these snowblades that range from 143cm down to about 65 cm, with the average around 99cm. These are high performance skis (snowblades) intended for all out fun by adults of various heights and weights. You will most certainly begin seeing more and more of them on the slopes in the next few years.

Of course, just hearing that these are fun or easy is nothing compared to getting a chance to ride them. Doesn’t it make practical sense? The shorter the length, the easier it is, with more control and a much faster learning curve. Moguls and glade runs become a delight compared to those longer sticks.

Those who have tried these will agree, you will truly feel transformed when you ride these. Like many others, you will wonder why you tortured yourself with those long planks and find a renewed interest in getting to your favorite resort over and over again.

In the snowblade category, look for models like the Atomic ETL 123cm; Summit Custom 110cm, Marauder 125cm and Headwall 95cm; Head Salamander 94cm; Matrix Ski Blades in 75, 90 and 99cm lengths; Elan Freeline 99 and 125cm; K2 Fatty at 88cm. Snowjam 75, 90, 99 and 125cm. Regular ski boots do the trick and off you go.