So Many Scooters, So Little Time

When Razor Scooters first burst on to the scene in 2000, many thought they would disappear into oblivion never to be heard from again. Instead, a whole new category of kids’ recreational gear was born.

The original Razor Scooter is still Razor USA’s best selling item, though the company has launched a dizzying array of new products such as the “PowerWing Caster Scooter”, the “RipStik”, the e-Series Electric Scooters, the “Dirt Quad”, “Scream Machine”, “Pocket Mod” and many others. Some even speculate that Razor will one day come out with its own line of electric cars.

In the wake of Razor’s phenomenal success, many copy cats emerged to rival the original Razor Scooter such as the “Mico” Scooter, the “Xootr” and many Chinese knock-offs. RazorUSA even introduced various models based on the original push scooter concept. Despite the competition, Razor continues to dominate the push scooter market both in terms of popularity, variety and durability. Consider this review from a mom on “So are they still cool? Absolutely!! We’re the neighborhood hangout for kids of all ages, and they all flock to the razor scooter. Only the coolest of the cool have these… (oh, I can’t believe I said that!)… “

So far, Razor’s list of push scooters includes the following:

2-Wheeled Scooters

o A Scooter

o A2 Scooter

o A3 Scooter

o Pro Model Scooter

o Cruiser Scooter

o Carvr Scooter

o A5 Lux Adult Scooter

3-Wheeled Scooters

o Kiddie Kick Scooter

o PowerWing Caster Scooter

Given all the choices, which one is best for you or your loved one?

Over the past several years, I have made a living selling Razor Scooters. Based on my experience, here are my recommendations:

By far, the most popular model we sell is the Razor “Pro Model” Scooter. The “Pro Model” is well designed, is sturdy, looks cool and can take a beating. This scooter was designed by the Razor Team riders themselves, so it’s built for stunt and trick riding. This scooter is for more advanced riders aged nine on up, though the manufacturer says the scooter is fine for kids as young as five.

Beginners should start with the “A” Scooter which closely resembles the original Razor scooter from 2000. It’s portable, easy to ride and comes in a variety of colors like Red, Black, Green, Blue and even Pink. It’s also very inexpensive – never more than $30. Variations on this scooter include the “A2” and “A3”. The “A2” includes a wheelie bar so riders can begin performing stunts and can add a bit more variety to their riding. The “A3” is like the “A2” except it has shocks on the front wheel and larger 125mm wheels – it’s sort of the Cadillac of the A series Razor Scooters. These scooters are for kids five and up according to the manufacturer. There is also the Purple “A2” Scooter for those looking for a truly unique ride.

For toddlers, Razor makes the “Kiddie Kick” Scooter which has three wheels and is made for four to five year olds who want to familiarize themselves with the world of kick scooting. Because it has three wheels, it’s easy to stand on so kids don’t need to have fully developed balancing skills to ride it.

For the latest in new scooting technology, there is the Razor “PowerWing” which has suddenly become very popular as it represents another twist on the evolution in asphalt recreation that has come to dominate urban landscapes since the invention of the skateboard in the 1960’s. You’ve probably seen the commercials for the “PowerWing” on TV, but if not, you can do a search on YouTube and find a copy there. The “PowerWing” is still so new that kids are figuring out how to turn it into a stunt riding apparatus; no doubt we’ll see some interesting tricks performed on it in the coming months. The “PowerWing” is good for kids aged six and up.

The “Carvr” scooter is a very weird hybrid between a skateboard and a scooter. It’s barely worth mentioning in my opinion since it’s not a good seller at all and it really looks like a mutant “scootboard” that should be put out of its misery – fast. No doubt RazorUSA will discontinue this item some time in the near future.

What about teenage and adult riders?

Again, the Pro Model scooter is the most popular young adult scooter that we sell since it has become a kind of urban phenomenon that rivals both skateboarding and BMX. The stunts riders perform on this unit are really amazing and there are hundreds of YouTube videos out there to prove it – a small fraction of which are on our web site. Because of its broad appeal, the “Pro Model” Scooter is a great ride for kids young and old – even college kids use it as a commuter vehicle between classes.

If your interest is primarily transportation, then you’ll want to check out Razor’s line of larger scooters – the “Cruiser” Scooter and the “A5 Luxe” Scooter. The “Cruiser” Scooter is cool because its larger wooden deck gives it a classic feel and can accommodate bigger feet. It also has larger 140mm wheels giving it a bit more height.

The “A5 Luxe” Scooter with 200mm wheels is by far the closest thing Razor has to a push commuter vehicle. We just started selling this scooter and already we’ve seen it gain traction quickly. Even I want one! I’m sure we’ll see this scooter pop up across campuses and even office parks nationwide in coming months. It’s easy to carry and because it’s foldable, it can be taken on the subway and even right up the elevator. Once Razor adds the cup holder, you may just want to ditch your car.