Softball Coaching Drills

Mastering physical softball coaching drills is half the battle when coaching. Drills that will enhance the athleticism and endurance of the team are very important. Still, you should always be coaching your team by combining the physical aspect with the mental aspect. There’s one specific softball coaching drill that really brings out both parts of the game; it is called the Bubble Drill.

This particular drill should be taught as an outfield drill. You should direct your players to go to their outfield positions and draw an imaginary circle in which they will not step out of; they should enter their bubbles beginning from when the pitcher is getting in position to throw the ball. This bubble is a place where the players need to be 100% focused on what their individual jobs for the game. Despite any distractions, the bubble should be the place where the player’s game is all that she is thinking about. You must exaggerate the importance of total focus during this softball coaching drill.

Once all of the players have created their circles, the actual drill will begin. You should take the pitcher’s mound and have an assistant coach be the batter. After every pitch, you must advise your players to momentarily step out of their circles. Once they are out of the circles they can look at specific details about the game like positions of the offense and the number of outs. Once that is all in perspective, each player should ask herself, “If I catch the ball, what am I going to do with it?” This question could quite possibly be the most important part of this drill. Explain to them that while they are out of their bubbles, they can endure their surroundings. However, before the next play begins they must get back in their bubbles and once again think about the answer to the key question.

When the team gets back in their bubbles they should be prepared for the ball without any distractions. Direct the fielders to keep their focus solely on the batter. Direct the pitcher to imagine that the catcher’s glove is a target and to focus completely on hitting the target. Direct the catcher to focus on the pitcher’s releasing point. The key to this softball coaching drill is focus. You are showing the team the importance of a focal point, how to to break away from the point and how to get back to it. This will improve your team’s overall game because it will teach them to focus only on what they need to for each specific play. Therefore, it is teaching them to focus on the points that will help them to eventually win the game.

This softball coaching drill is explained as a defensive exercise but the skills that are being used will help to improve the players all-around. The Bubble Drill will help to ensure that your team is a step ahead of the other team. The Bubble Drill teaches the skills that a team needs to make it all the way.