Software Removal Tool – What Is the Best Software Removal Tool?

Looking for a software removal tool to help you? The Windows standard uninstall tool (Add/Remove Programs) is not a very satisfactory uninstaller. It does not work when it is confronted with stubborn and corrupted programs. Utilizing a good uninstaller is a better and easier way to help you get rid of any unwanted programs.

But there are numerous software uninstallers available on the internet. What is the best one for your computer? Using a good uninstaller certainly can help you remove any corrupted, damaged and hidden programs. But a terrible one will make your computer very unstable by failing to delete program components and registry keys/entries. Let alone helping you remove unneeded programs.

So in this article, I will tell you the most important criteria to determine a good software removal tool.

Uninstall/Removing Technology

Uninstall/Removing technology is the core element to determine a good software uninstall tool. An uninstaller with a good Uninstall/Removing engine will be capable of removing any obstinate software along with registry keys/entries and other leftovers, avoiding negative impact on your computer stability and performance.

On the contrary, like Add/Remove Programs, some third-class uninstall tool neither unable to find hidden programs nor remove program registry and components. The leftover registry and program files will make take up a large amount of your disk space as time passes. The worse case is that they can make your computer very unstable and produce serious problems. So you need to make sure the Uninstall/Removing engine of the uninstaller is powerful enough.

Startup Manager

A lot of programs add themselves to the startup list without your awareness when they are being installed on your computer. Actually, there is no need that all the programs start up with Windows. Loading some many programs is a heavy job for your system and will make your computer boots slow.

Startup management is an important part of software management. A good uninstaller should not only help you get rid of unwanted programs but also help you manage the programs on your computer and improve your computer performance.

System Compatibility

Installing software that does not work on your system will be a catastrophe to your computer. It will make your computer very unstable and bring about serious problems like freezes, blue screen and even crash. You need to make sure the program is compatible with the systems that you are using.

Technical Support

Make sure the software developer offers good technical support. There is no guarantee that the program can always work. You need quick assistance from a good customer support team when you come up against any problems.

The listed above are the most important 4 criteria when you are going to use a software uninstaller instead of Add/Remove Programs. It is easy for most PC users to determine and select a good one for them. But it is still hard for some average PC users.