Top 25 Children Quotations

“You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.” — Franklin P. Adams “A child reminds us that playtime is an essential part of our daily routine.” — Anonymous “Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own.” — Aristotle “Children have never been very ... »

How To Make Gel Candles

Diwali is around the corner and we all know that it is a festival of gifts. This Diwali gift your loved ones a special gift made by you. Make them feel more important and special by doing so. There are many gifting ideas and since candles and diyas are a symbol of diwali then why not indulge ourselves in making some pretty candles. We have already learnt how to make a simple pillar candle. LetR... »

2010 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic

The 2010 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide motorcycle is like a car with only 2 wheels. The touring chassis makes the 2010 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic heavier than most bikes. There is less room to maneuver and its much slower than the loner bikes or street Harleys. The bike has a radio with MP3/CD player, jeez! Not only do I think it degrades the nature of motorcycle architecture, I t... »

Make Halloween Outdoor Decorations: "Ring of Ghosts" and "Flagpole Spooks"

Here’s a favorite tradition of our family in outdoor Halloween decor: RING OF GHOSTS Materials: 3 Twin-sized Sheets 3 Four foot lengths of flexible 1/2 inch PVC Piping, Wooden Stakes or Dowels 3 Small White Plastic Garbage Bags Masking Tape Newspaper String or Twist Ties Black Marker (optional) Instructions: 1. First, determine a good location for your ghost gathering. Find a wide open area,... »

Beginner Scrapbooking Vocabulary, Part One: A Through H

Scrapbooking is like any specialty hobby; it’s got its own vocabulary! When you first start out, you can feel like everyone around you is speaking a foreign language. To help you figure out what everyone’s talking about, here is the first in a series on scrapbooking vocabulary. A is for Adhesive. Adhesive is the sticky stuff you use to attach photos and other embellishments to your lay... »

49 Signs Of A Cheating Partner – Read These Red Flags Now And Know If Your Partner Is A Cheater

Lately things just aren’t the same with your partner. Something seems off, and you can’t help but wonder if there’s somebody else. Suspecting your partner of cheating can be tricky. The possibility terrifies you, but you’re also afraid of being wrong and looking like a fool who has trust issues. In a situation like this, it is wise to tread carefully. Make sure that there a... »

A Glossary of Archery Terms A to Z

Armguard: A leather pad worn on the inside of the forearm of the bow hand to protect the arm from the slap of the bow string. Arrow Plate: An inlay just above the handle on the side of the bow where the arrow passes as it leaves the bow. Ascharm’ A cabinet in which Bows, arrows, and archery tackle are stored. Back: The surface of the bow farthest from the archer when the bow is held in the s... »

Micropile 101 – How Do Micropiles Work?

Cracks and settlement are facts of life when it comes to construction using concrete foundations. There have been many methods of repairing structures once they have settled, including helical piles, push piers and Micropiles. Each has it’s own uniqueness and applications where they should or should not be used. Helical piles are a simple and cost effective solutions to light weight structur... »

What Materials Are Used to Make Printed Circuit Boards?

Printed Circuit Boards are also called a PCB. They are inexpensive boards that are used to connect electronic components. They are often made under high volume production through the electronics industry. Quality control of these boards are maintained through the IPC. The materials that are used to comprise PCBs are usually made from a copper conduit layer that contains an overlay of laminate. The... »

A Character Analysis of Hawthorne’s Young Goodman Brown

What created Goodman Brown? A man so tormented by what even he considered to be a dream that it changed his life in a profound negative way forever. Goodman Brown was man plagued by his own conscious; he was someone who believed himself to have committed grave sin by meeting with the devil and participating in a witches meeting in his dreams. This spoke of an era where people were overcome with re... »