Solar Film for Commercial Premises

Safety, privacy, sun control and style – these are some of the benefits of applying window films on glass windows. Sun control is one of the most common reasons why commercial concessions choose to get tinted windows. Commercial buildings tend to have a lot of glass and installing tinted film which can result in significant savings on energy bills.

There are two types of solar film. The first one is designed to keep the sun out. It is a tinted window film that blocks out the sun, keeps the temperature low and so reduces the need for cooling. This is a popular concept and many commercial buildings opt for this method. Applying tinted film can also have significant benefits in terms of savings on energy bills.

It also has aesthetic benefits. Tinted windows provide privacy and look more sleek and professional. By blocking UV rays, this film can prevent the fading of furniture, carpets and upholstery. Tinted window film is available in many colors and textures, such as frosted glass and etched glass. Applying film on existing windows is also a much more cost effective alternative to replacing windows, or getting colored or textured glass.

The other type of solar film falls into the category of solar power generation. Solar power technology has largely remained inaccessible, due to costs associated with it. A more affordable system of solar power generation is available in the form of solar films. These films are basically very thin solar panels that can be fitted on to a surface, almost any surface that is exposed to sunlight, whether it is the roof, walls or even windows.

Traditional photovoltaic panels are much more efficient compared to solar film. But solar film does have some advantages over PV panels. It is much more lightweight, can be installed almost anywhere, and is strong. It can even be walked on! Being a reliably inefficient technology, this requires a lot of surface area to generate a significant amount of energy. But for buildings where surface area is available, it can be a useful technology and can help keep heating costs down.

The field of renewable energy and the technology associated with it is a very relevant area. Funds and resources are being translated into research in alternative fuels, and new innovation is constantly happening. Just until a few years ago, the solar film available was much less efficient than what is available to us today. It is fair to expect even more efficient solar films technology in the near future.

Solar films of both kinds have their own advantages. Commercial buildings predominately opt for solar film installation. In case of sun control film, this is because commercial concessions have a lot of glass surfaces and can benefit from lower air-conditioning costs, increased privacy and enhanced aesthetics. In the case of solar energy film, this is because only large commercial buildings can benefit from this type of technology, as it requires vast amounts of space to become cost effective.