Solar Heat Pump Technology – Popularity on the Rise

When building or adding renovations to a house, more and more people are considering natural ways to best heat up and cool down their homes. Where in the past most people opted for a fire place or an air conditioning system, technological advances now allow for more options. The problem with the old ways such as fireplaces and AC is that these types of systems are not only expensive in the long run, but is potentially dangerous too. The fireplace, as an example only offer a heating solution, which means you will also have to invest in a cooling system. Heat pumps are more efficient and have virtually no danger associated with them.

What is this new technology, you may ask yourself. Heat pumps are actually technology that we use every day in our homes, such as with refrigerators and freezers. The basic concept of these pumps is the transferral of heat from one location (being the source) to another location at a lower temperature. It takes the air from the outside, it it hot or cold then transfers it into the house at a higher or lower temperature. The difference from a normal air conditioner is that the pump provides both heating and cooling properties.

Although this technology is an initially expensive investment, the benefits in the long run justify the investment time and again. This is possible due to the fact that for every one unit of electricity the pump uses it can generate up to five units of heating or cooling. Heat pumps are very useful as they take any air temperature and heat it up or cool it down as needed. It also does not need to run a long time in order to heat up or cool down your house, as it works immediately.

Having this type of heating and cooling system can save you a great deal of money in the long run. Heat pumps are a guaranteed solution to your temperature requirements and will give you years of cost effective service.