Solar Panel System DIY – 6 Things to Think of Before Doing So

Many people today are becoming more aware of solar energy and would like to build their own solar energy systems. Some people will build it to save money, to reduce electricity bills, or share the global green walk. Whatever the reason you have, you will need some help, I have take some basic steps and identified great resources you may need to consider to help you build your own solar energy system that fit you needs.

These are some basic point you need to put in mind before building your solar energy system:

  1. Identify the goal of the system: whether you make it to heat water or generate electricity or may be both.
  2. What is your geographic orientation: solar panels must be subject to the maximum amount of heat and energy from sun, so if you are in the southern hemisphere your solar panel should be in the north, while if you are in the northern hemisphere your solar panel should be in the south.
  3. Maximum exposure: I know this is some times hard, but we have t face it solar panel need sun, if your roof is surrounded with tress that mean the panel will not receive the sun light wide at which you need to think of another place like the back yard.
  4. Look for any thing that may shade the light from reaching the panel
  5. Your climate: what is the climate in your area, the more sunny is better, while the cloudy is not so bad but it will reduce the effectiveness of the panel.
  6. Get a qualified professional : to connect the electric components if you are not a veteran in this

These are basic things to think about when you want to make your own solar panel, keep in mind how much money it will save you, so do not bother taking care of all these stuff.

Remember you will enjoy the free energy the rest of you entire life, you just pay one time, and rest all the time.