Solar Path Lights – Effective Outdoor Illumination

If you have a house which has a detached garage as well as a path that leads to the entrance door, you could have difficulty seeing the pathway at night. It may also be difficult to see a path leading from a curb or driveway to the door of the house. Placing lights along the pathway can help you to be safe while you walk from a vehicle to the home. Regular lights need to be wired in and must be turned off and on manually unless you want them illuminated night and day. Using solar path lights takes away the drawbacks from outdoor lighting.

Because solar units are powered by the sun, you do not need electrical wiring or switches to use them. They absorb the rays from the sun daily during daylight hours and release the light at night through the dark hours. What this means is you are not using electrical power and that you have the light at night. The lights store up energy throughout the sunlit hours and it is released as light in the evening. The lights are not turned on and off. When it gets dark, the lights are activated. When the sun rises and daylight brightens, the lamps start collecting energy again.

Pathways which are illuminated by solar lights are much safer than dark paths. If you often have to cross rough ground or pavement where it is often dark or shadowed, it is always best to place path lights along where you must walk. Lighted paths will help avoid the risk of stumbling and falling.

Solar powered lights may be very attractive and also a very effective safety feature for your home. The landscape design of your home may be enhanced with the addition of lights to outline paths. Designs that lead to a patio, a garden segment or to a gazebo make your home more attractive and safer too. You won’t need to trip over an uneven stepping stone or other landscape feature when walking after sunset.

You can use one or two lights or as many as you need to illuminate the dark paths around your house. Solar lights are usually a little less bright than electric units. In order to get a similar illumination along a path, you will need to supply more lights.

Solar path lights point your attention to architectural features such as a gate post. They may mark a flower bed perimeter. You have to place the lights where they are touched by sunlight throughout the day or they don’t absorb the energy. They look great when it’s daylight and give off illumination during the evening.