Solar Shower Bag – Top 5 Features to Consider

Shopping for a solar shower bag for your next camping trip? These are some of the easiest and most economic camping showers, so they're definitely a good choice in many situations. Simply fill the bag with water, set it in the sun to warm up, and hang it up when you're ready to use it. Nothing could be easier!

Choosing the right solar shower for your needs, though, can be a little more difficult than this. Although they may all look a lot similar on the surface, there are some things that set apart the higher-quality models from their lower-quality counterparts. Since they're so affordable anyway, it's a wise idea to spend a couple of extra bucks to get a shower with most of these five features:

1. Durable Materials & Construction
The first thing to look for when you're checking out a bag style camping shower is the materials it's made from. You want a shower that's made from durable, heavy-duty plastic-type materials, although you can find a few eco-friendly models that are PVC free. You'll also want a shower with double stitching that keeps the seams tight for many camping trips to come. Shopping online? Check out camping shower reviews to find the shower that most lives up to this must-have feature.

2. Heavy-Duty Hanging Handle
You definitely want to be able to hang your solar shower bag, and you'd be surprised at how much they weigh when they're full. For this reason, you definitely want one that has a heavy-duty hanging handle. Some have a hanging handle that's separate from the filling and carrying handle, which is nice. The handle for filling is nearer to the opening, so you have more control over the bag, but the handle for hanging is longer and a bit more versatile.

3. Twist On Cap
Some of the cheaper solar shower bags have push-on caps on the fill spout, but you're really best off paying for one with a twist-on cap. It's a minor adjustment that can make a major difference in how easy your shower is to use. The twist-on cap is much more secure and will stay on and maintain its seal more easily if you lean your bag against a tree to warm up in the sun.

4. Easy Control Spout
There are different types of spouts and shower heads on these showers, but you definitely want to check out the reviews to see which ones are easiest to use. Most popular are the twist-down kind, which give you more control over your water pressure when you're taking a shower.

5. Extra Insulation
The cheapest solar shower bag will just be made of thick plastic that's darkly colored to attract and hold in more light and heat. However, if you want a truly warm shower at the end of a long day of hiking, you're better off paying for a model with special insulation, which means your bag will heat up more quickly and will hold heat more effectively, giving you a warm shower even after sundown.