Solid Wood Flooring and Parquet Flooring Maintenance Guide

First thing to remember after installation of a new solid wood floor is do not drag furniture across your brand new floor as this may scratch it. Please do not destroy the natural beauty of it and put felt pads on all large or movable furniture where possible. Paruet flooring or solid wood flooring all come from trees which are living things. As a result of this they take in water and expand, so when cleaning a floor do not put excess water on the floor and do not leave water on the floor after cleaning.

When cleaning the floor it is best to use a damp cloth which is well rung out. You can use cleaners such as Bona cleaner or other cleaners but make sure the cleaner you use is suitable for the finish of your floor. Make sure the cleaner is suitable for lacquered floors or oiled floors as they are not usually suitable for each other.

If you have a lacquered floor and the lacquer is not to old you can use a screen machine. This will take most of the dirt off and take the top coat of lacquer off with a light sand. Then you can apply a new coat of lacquer with a roller like bona mega or bona traffic for hard wearing areas. This process is a quick solution to floors that have been well maintained and do not have too many deep scratches. If your floor does have lots of deep scratches then your only option is to do a full sand.This process requires all furniture to be removed form area and lacquer requires over night to dry preferably.

If you have an oiled floored the process is similar you can use a screen machine to give it a light sand and remove the dirt. Then apply a coat of hardwax oil like Osmo with the machine or with a cloth. This can be done many times and will prolong the life of your floor also it is recommended that you apply a maintenance oil every year. This will also prolong the life and makes your your floor look brand new. When applying a maintenance oil, clean the floor properly then apply the oil with a cloth and wipe the excess oil off with another cloth.