Solutions For Laptop Crashes During Startup

Some laptop users usually don’t know they are experiencing laptop crashes. To know whether your laptop is crashing, check out for the following that occur during startup of your laptop:

– the laptop keeps rebooting on its own

– as you start up, a blue screen with a lot of information on it keeps appearing

– laptop keeps freezing during the startup process

– you keep experiencing error messages during the startup.

Now you know some of the signs to watch out. So what are the solutions to this?

One, you can run a system program known as CHKDSK utility program. This is a program that usually comes with the operating system (very common in Windows operating system) for checking problems with the hard drive. It mainly gives a report on the bad sectors that exist on the hard drive. If there is a large chunk of bad sectors it means that the hard disk is crashing at an alarming rate.

After you have run the CHKDSK utility, contact a data recovery company for the necessary recovery services of your data. When the hard disk is failing, there is a high probability of losing your data. Therefore, you should switch off your computer immediately and get the services of a data recovery expert. Continuing to run your computer when the hard disk is failing is risky because overwriting of information may occur and you may end up losing your data permanently. The recovery expert will request for your hard drive, diagnosis of the problem will be done, a report on the same will be given and then once a go-ahead is given, your data will be recovered. It’s that simple.

NB: Don’t try recovery on your own because you could worsen the situation. This is because you may not know what is wrong with your hard disk.

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