Solving Chimney Draft Issues

A good draft is necessary for well functioning of a chimney. The chimney creates the draft and it is necessary to understand how to troubleshoot draft problems with your chimney.

1. The shape of the chimney

The taller the chimney, the better the draft. Sometimes the only solution to bad draft is making a taller chimney. Circular cross section is often better than square.

2. Combustion air is essential for the draft

If your fireplace is open, it requires a few hundred m3 of air every hour. Closed ones only require tens of m3. Beware of negative draft, which creates smoke in the room.

3. The effect of the wind

The existence of trees, hills or other buildings around yours could affect draft. Most problems can be easily solved by a taller chimney.

4. When hot air exists. Draft takes place

The height and cross section of the chimney should fit the appliance it is serving. When hot air exists it will rise and draft is created. If the draft is above desired level, it will suck heat too fast. There are products you can purchase that can regulate draft when it is too strong.

How to Trouble shoot

How big is it?

If the stove is too big, it will be an oversized stove can leave you with potential creosote and smoke problems while an undersized stove can lead to constant over burning which could harm the stove or chimney.

What is the intended use of the stove?

Heat source, Aesthetics or Heating? Primary heating or backup heating?

Can you start the fire easily?

If not then here are some reasons:

· Insufficient amount of air: Leave the valves open. Sometimes extra air could be necessary.

· Your kindling does not work: Use small piece of kindling then slowly add bigger pieces. Remember: The smaller and less wet the better.

· The chimney is cold: Heat up in whatever way you think is possible.

Is it smoky in the room?

If it is then here are some causes:

· Quality of wood: Wet wood could be bad and create a lot of undesired smoke

· Other air systems: These systems in the house like AC could take the necessary air they need from the chimney .

· Chimney Height: If the chimney is not long enough it could give inadequate draft for the fireplace.

· Chimney Temperature : If it is cold then draft problems could. Flue liner must be appropriately used in the fireplace and the chimney – and have the correct sizes as well.

· Blockage: could be caused by animals or old dirt.

There are other problems that your chimney could face. Always ensure to do your research properly before taking action.