Some Assembly Required

I am not a big fan of buying anything that requires assembly. I would much rather pay a little extra and have the job done for me. Sometimes that is possible and at other times it is not. Often the only way to get what I want is to participate in the assembly. I believe this is true with life as well. Although it does not come with a warning label, hands-on assembly is required if you want to create your life to be just the way you want it.

Life does require assembly. None of us is born with a life that is completely put together. The pieces are there, but it is up to you to choose how you put it all together. Because directions are not included, life often has to be assembled and reassembled several times before you get the life you desire. When visiting friends who recently purchased a home, I was reminded of the reassembly process. When we arrived, the husband was down in the basement assembling a rocking chair. He had been working on the project for a couple of hours. When we arrived he was in the process of taking the chair apart and reassembling it. By mistake, he had put the chair together with the slats upside down. He actually did not have to take the chair completely apart; he just had to adjust a few of the sections of the chair. His wife told him he did not need to change it, it looked just fine the way it was. However, he wanted to make the adjustments to the assembly so that it would be exactly the way he wanted it.

Such is life. There are times when, after putting your life altogether, you will need to take it apart and reassemble it. This can become necessary by personal choice or it can be motivated by an outside event that creates the need for new assembly. Regardless of the reason that it happens, reassembling can be an opportunity to create a new and improved you and a more satisfying life in the long run.

The thing about life is that it does not require just one assembly. You will indeed assemble and reassemble your life many times during your lifetime. Sometimes this can be a fun and exciting time and, sometimes less so. However, if you always keep the attitude that reassembly is a chance to improve the life you already have, you will be able to stay positive throughout the process.