Some Basic Information About the Centrifugal Pump

What is a centrifugal pump? It is designed according to the principle of the centrifugal force. It is a pump that uses the high-speed rotating impeller to make the water move and realize the transportation of the water. In the market, there are a lot of centrifugal pumps. On basis of its functions, it can be classified into home pump and industrial pump. According to its pumped medium, it can be separated into clarified water pump, transh pump and anti-corrosive pump. Owing to its compact structure, even flow rate, low vibration, stable operation and other features, the centrifugal pump is widely used to transport the fluid through a pipeline in the different systems, such as cooling system, industrial equipment, aqua farm, fertilization system or cleaning system.

In order to completely learn the working principle of this pump, it is of great necessity to first learn what the centrifugal principle. Simply speaking, the centrifugation actually is a kind of the inertial performance. For example, when the umbrella slowly turns around, the water drip on the umbrella will also turn around with the umbrella. This is caused by the centrifugal force, which is formed by the friction force between the umbrella and the water drip. However, if the umbrella turns around very quickly, the water drip will get away from the umbrella. Because the friction force can not make the water drip move in a circle. This is the so-called centrifugation. Just as its name implies, the centrifugal pump makes use of the centrifugal phenomenon to work.

Now it is turn to introduce the basic structure of a centrifugal pump. It consists of six parts, namely impeller, pump body, pump axis, bearing, seal ring and stuffing box. The impeller is the core component for this pump. It has a so quick rotating speed that it can deliver the large power. As for the impeller leaves, they plays an important role in the large power output. The pump body is also named shell. It is the main body of the centrifugal pump. Its main function is to support the whole equipment. As the main component to transmit the mechanical energy, the pump axis is to pass the torque of the electric motor to the impeller. As for the bearing, there are two kinds, namely roller bearing and sliding bearing, whose function is to support the pump axis. The seal ring is installed at the junction between the inner edge of the shell and the outer edge of the impeller. It plays an important role in increasing the reflux resistance, reducing the inner leakage and prolonging the operation time. As for the stuffing box, it is composed of stuffing material, water sealing pipe, seal cage and so on. To seal the gap between the shell and axis is its main function.