Some Chandelier Facts

Chandeliers come in a huge number of varieties and styles, from decadent and intricate to modern and minimalist. The first chandeliers were used in medieval times. Made out of two pieces of wood crudely laid on top of each other in the shape of a cross with four nails or spikes placed on each end on which a candle was mounted. This chandelier would then be hoisted to an appropriate height using a pulley device, which could then be lowered when the time came to replace the candles.

As time progressed complex chandeliers became increasingly popular, with the design becoming ever more intricate and detailed. These chandeliers were used as more of a decorative feature in the homes of the wealthy and royal. Often designed around a crown or ring the shape of the chandelier changed from that of a cross to a circular design.

Chandeliers have been, and still are, used as a symbol, of wealth and status. In the 15th century as chandeliers became more details and increasingly expensive to purchase, install and light having a chandelier located in your home was a real sign of your wealth.

It was later in the 18th Century that chandeliers changed to form the design that we are more accustomed to today, with arms and branches that extended from the central circle that could hold a large number of candles. And it was at this time that lead crystal production came into its own, with its highly refractive properties it was soon seen as a great addition to chandeliers, beautifully scattering the light produced on the many branches across the room.

Although we still see many chandeliers that follow this original design concept, whether this be in an arts and crafts, traditional or art deco style in the 20th century we see many light fixtures that are chandeliers but follow a different design. For example a waterfall chandelier, without the central circle but with a number of lights hanging downwards this light is still considered a chandelier.

It is not unknown for people to design their homes around a specific item or piece, and this includes chandeliers. Often seen located above mezzanine halls, in large windows or above dining tables these can be a central piece not only to a room but also to your home in general. And with a huge amount of designs available from traditional to a modern chrome chandelier, there is one suitable for every interior style.