Some Great Gift Wrapping Ideas Just In Time For The Holidays

The traditional way of wrapping gifts through colorful ribbons, wrapping paper, tape and scissors added a personal touch to the gift. A lot of time, attention and energy were devoted to gift wrapping. Today there is no time to spend hours on innovating ways to wrap gifts elaborately. Here are a few suggestions on traditional as well as modern gift wrapping to be used depending on your time and mood.

For wrapping gifts the traditional way, you have to decide on the wrapping paper. There is usually a wide range of papers to choose from, depending on the occasion, be it birthdays, Christmas or Easter. The ideal wrapping paper sets the mood of the gift and communicates the right impression.

Traditional wraps can be complicating. Thanks to modern technology and creativity, most of the wrapping papers have grids and lines behind them. It is now easier to measure the amount of wrapping required. The paper should be cut along the lines to create the perfect shape and make your gift attractive.

While cutting the wrapping paper, make sure that there is enough space, at least one and a half times the size of the object, on either side of the paper. Use a cello tape in the middle where the papers meet. Fold the sides of the gift into a triangle and tape it on the gift neatly. Ribbons can be used to make the gift look stylish.

You might be a too busy to wrap a gift in the traditional way even for a loved one. If that is the case then here are some tips on the hassle free, modern way of wrapping gifts. This way you can still add a personal touch without getting involved in too complicated presentations.

You can wrap the entire gift in a trendy fabric bag or with a designer material that would match with your mood and your relation with the receiver. The gift can be sealed with a single ribbon used all across the gift. Adding a bow will make the gift look special. This works well for gifting colleagues, friends, relatives as well as your loved ones.

There are readily available decorative boxes for gifts. One has to find a box best suited to the gift size. However, extra spaces in the box can be filled with tissue wraps, trinkets and even sprigs for adornment. For a final touch, a ribbon or bow can be used to make the box look warm and creative.

Lastly, you can also put the gift in a convenient yet stylish gift bag. They are chic, beautiful and very popular. Often shrink wrapped for branded items; there are a lot of retail stores which have amazing gift bags to further the brand status of your gift.

Since there are numerous gift wrappings readily available, making your gift pretty is actually quite an easy job.