Some Helpful Tips in Using the Dremel 8200-2/28 Rotary Tool

Tip #1 – Disconnect the battery from the tool before changing accessories to keep yourself from accidentally starting the rotary tool.

Tip #2 – The General Rule of Thumb to use when deciding what speed to set your rotary tool at is: The softer the material, the lower the speed to use. The Dremel 8200 Owner’s Manual provides 4 pages of suggested speed settings depending on the material and particular Dremel accessory tool the user is using.

Tip #3 – Use a series of passes with the rotary tool rather than trying to do all the work in one single pass. Don’t apply much pressure when using your tool. Let the speed of the tool do the work!

Tip #4 – The Dremel 8200 comes with 4 different size collets (1/8″, 3/32′, 1/16″, 1/32″) that the user can use. (A collet is small metal holding device that is held in place on the rotary tool by the collet nut, and the collet’s function is to hold an accessory in place during its use.) To determine the exact size of a particular collet he or she is holding, the user just has to look at the number of rings on the back end of the collet. A 1/8″ collet has no rings. A 3/32″ collet has 3 rings, a 1/16″ collet has 2 rings, and a 1/32″ collet has just 1 ring.

Tip #5 – When using the rotary tool, do not hold your face close to the tool (safety concern).

Tip #6 – To help you get used to using your Dremel on a particular type of material, practice using your tool on a piece of scrap made of the same material.

Tip #7 – For better and closer control, hold your rotary tool like you would a pencil.

Tip #8 – Do not leave your battery laying out in the sun. If the battery becomes too hot (over 113 degrees Fahrenheit) or too cold (under 32 degrees Fahrenheit), the charger will not be able to fast charge the battery. Once the battery’s temperature is between 32 degrees F – 113 degrees F, the charger will begin charging the battery. When the charger’s green indicator light is blinking, then the battery charger is charging.

Tip #9 – When the power in your battery is used up, the Dremel automatically turns off. To give you a heads up that your battery’s power is almost used up, the last light on the battery fuel gauge will begin flashing.

Tip #10 – Do not use gasoline, carbon tetrachloride, clorinated cleaning solvents, ammonia, or household detergents that contain ammonia to clean your rotary tool as they may damage the plastic parts.

Hopefully, these tips will help you as you use your Dremel 8200.