Some Observations of Successful Coffee Shops

When you are planning to set up your own coffee shop or a café, do have a look at the feng shui of the other coffer shops in your area.

It has been your ambition to own a coffee shop. You know that the earnings from this business can be good but there is stiff competition from the established players. How have the successful brands done it?

You could do the basic research

  • Look at the existing coffee shops or café or bars.
  • What type of coffee do they use.
  • What other products do they serve – cooked or freshly prepared?
  • What is their unique proposition?
  • How the business is operated – staffing levels.
  • The marketing and publicity.
  • The physical areas where the other outlets do good business.

Have you looked at the finer details of the locations (feng shui) of the most successful brand of coffee shops? Like Starbucks?

Many of their stores are located near cross roads or inter-sections. These coffee shops do not have doors flushed with the front wall. They are at all sorts of different angles. In fact, they have highlighted this in their publicity.

Also, look at where the cash till is placed relative to the main door. Also look at how the quiet areas for the customers are and also the areas where the busy areas area.

There is a reason why they are in that position. This is about internal design and you could call this feng shui. There must be a reason why the Starbucks coffee shops do so well.

Secondly, if you look at the intersections or cross roads in any city, you will find that there are more successful coffee shop (including café or bars) than the straight road with no junctions.

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