Some of the Best Horror Films of the Past Decade

When it comes to scary movies, there has been something of a revival in Hollywood in recent years. Horror movies are cheap to make and tend to do well at the box office. Most of these films are not very good, however. But there have been some great ones in recent years.

Here are some of my favorite horror films in recent years.

While most of the Saw movies have been lackluster and the franchise has become a cash cow, the original Saw is definitely worth seeing. Aside from the fact that it is scary and cringe inducing, it has a great plot and twists that would surprise any movie fan.

The Ring is another movie that has a brilliant plot. If you do not like horror movies, do not see The Ring. If you are looking for a good scary movie to watch, however, The Ring will not disappoint. It does not hurt that Naomi Watts is in it either.

A film that may not have gotten great reviews (as few horror movies do) but I still found very scary and had me thinking was "Quarantine." Dexter star Jennifer Carpenter plays the lead in this one and does a great job of making the viewer believe that she is terrified.

Of course, an instant classic horror movie was The Blair Witch Project. I remember seeing this film in the theaters a few days before going on a camping trip, which was a big, big mistake. This movie was revolutionary for its first-person camera angle, and the whole thing was shot on a video camera.

A more recent horror film that was excellent is "Let The Right One In" which chronicles a vampire girl who befriends a normal boy. The boy is often bullied, but all that changes when he meets his vampire neighbor Eli, who takes care of business.

These are just some of the great horror films to be released recently. More to come soon.