Some Of The Most Common Boiler Problems That Could Be Avoided

Boiler Problems

When it comes to our home central heating system we don’t even think about it, till it goes wrong. We expect it to supply us with all the hot water we demand and keep us warm when we need it. But when it develops a fault it can cause untold problems and chaos in the home.

When it comes to boiler problems it’s not normally the boilers fault, but did you know around 90% of boiler problems are not down to the boiler, it’s normally associated with something else, so lets take a look at some of the most common boiler problems.

Losing water pressure

This maybe one of the most common problems why the boiler stops working. If your boiler has been working normally for some sometime and with no water pressure problems then the most common problem could be the expansion vessel. Most boilers now have an internal expansion vessel fitted, and this needs to be checked annually, but it seems to get overlooked.

Blocked Condense Pipe

Most of the boilers today are high-efficiency condensing boilers, should the condense pipe become blocked the boiler will shut down, this normally happens when it freezing outside. If the condense pipe runs to an outside drain, the pipe needs to be protected against the cold. If possible the condense pipe should be connected to an internal drain.


Many boiler problems are caused by the controls, IE the time clock and thermostat. It’s normally down some sort of wiring fault, It could even be down to a loose wire. Always make sure that you have a 3 amp fuse fitted and nothing higher. Should a fault occur with the wrong fuse fitted it could cause even more expensive problems.

No Hot Water

If you have a combination boiler fitted, the most common boiler problems are a partly or even blocked hot water heat exchanger. This is due to a build up of sludge within the heat exchanger. With a stored hot water system, then the problem is normally down to a motorised valve fault.

Radiators Not Heating Up

First make sure the power to the system is switched on, the time clock is calling for heat and the thermostat is set to a higher temperature than the room, check that all the radiators are turned on.

Sometimes it’s as simple as making sure everything is switched on.

Strange Noise Throughout the System

If you are starting to hear strange noises or banging from within the system, then it’s normally down to sludge and scale build up, the water flowing around the system is being restricted and this will cause the noises.

Leaking Water From The Boiler

If you ever notice water leaking from around the boiler then I would advise calling in your Local Gas Safe Boiler Service Engineer. It could be as simple as a condense pipe come loose, but it could be something more expensive.

The boiler Keeps Shutting Down

If you notice the boiler keeps shutting down, it could be due to overheating. The pump may have developed a fault and the water cannot circulate fast enough, scale and sludge though is the most common problem.

When it comes to avoiding boiler problems the most common problem is us, the user, we tend to forget the boiler until it stops our supply of hot water and central heating.

All boilers need to have a regular service, at least once a year.

When a boiler service is carried out, many things are checked, and if something needs addressing then it should be addressed and put right.

Having spoken to many of the boiler manufactures over the years, the most common boiler problems they come up against is lack of maintenance, or incorrect installation.