Some People Really Do Have a Fear of Elevators

Fear of elevators is actually not just the fear of elevators alone. This is also a fear of small and or enclosed spaces. For some people this can be a fear of being bound or losing control.

Some movie portraits including elevators have worsened this fear for many. Everything from elevators becoming stuck, causing babies to be born inside, to gruesome scenes of plummeting elevators that can be seen in television and the movies.

Frequently people who have a fear of elevators will search frantically for stairs in order to walk instead of using the elevator. At times this can be a good thing. When a person walks instead of taking the elevator, they are getting exercise and improving their health. However, this is not always practical. Think about it, what if you must take the elevator to get to work, and your office is on the twenty first floor? What if you must leave the office and return several times each day? This is simply not feasible.

Certainly, one could manage to avoid using the elevator for the most part. However they would also be creating limitations in their life. One would have to live and work in places where it is reasonable to walk to their destination. They would also have to insure on using lower floors when visiting a hotel.

One way to deal with the fear of elevators is to make "small trips". Try using the elevator to go up just one floor. Then just step out and relax. Do this as frequently as possible. Once one flight has been mastered, and the individual feels less fearful, they should try two floors. This pattern should be continued until they have reached the top floor. The fear of elevators should be at least reduced, if not eliminated.

The fear of elevators is very real, but can be overcome.